Stechcol's product is developed under many different themes and categories, and it comes with the finest quality. To find out what we have, please contact us to visit our showroom in Shenzhen, China.

You can also find us around you. Because Stechcol often attending international trade shows and fairs, such as Canton Fair, Hong Kong Houseware Show, Tendence, Ambiente, and etc. in order to serve you closely.

One stop CMS

Developing new product with Stechcol, you can enjoy our one stop Chinaware Manufacturing Service (CMS) which is the integrated service of both OEM and ODM. It is simple, efficient, and high-quality system to achieve your needs.

Stechcol offers many new designs that you can select as your product, and our professional project coordinator will be pleased to serve you. After you have confirmed the design, we will make sample for you to confirm before the production. It is important that we confirm the sample making sure it matches your requirement. In order to mass-produce the product which is exactly what you need, to avoid the mass-produced product come with unexpectedly different which you will often face with others.

Stechcol's finest quality product comes with our core technology which is the specialty that others are not able to do. It is always the best way to visit us, see and feel our company and factory to know more about our product quality.

Production Process

Our factory is ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS) certified to keep our product perfect. The factory is continuously monitoring for any improvement on every step to achieve the best result and efficiency, which satisfy our customers. The concept of quality is not only apply to the finished product, but also overall service on the choice of materials, designing process, and customer relationship, which made us the most popular high-quality product CMS supplier as a result.

Fundamental materials are Porcelain, Bone China, New Bone China and Fine Bone China. The differences are our specialized process and mixture of bone ash. The Fine Bone China is the most popular material that the most of our customer will choose since it is the most special one from Stechcol.

The most of product now a days are produced automatically with machines. However, the high quality glazing could only be done by human hand still. Therefore, we have many high-skilled-workers to done this perfect job.

Decal Printing
The factory is fully equipped with the latest decal printing machines which are imported from Germany. In the most of the case, we use imported pigments in order to have sharp and stable color for the decal printing.

Decals are decorated gently by hand one by one. It also requires high-skilled-workers to produce, as a instance, for joint-free mug cups which is one of our special model.